About Daikyo

Our company’s adhesive products and processed adhesive products are used by numerous customers in many industries including automotive, housing, construction, home electronics, OA device, food, agriculture, and medical. We utilize our technical capabilities and creativity, which are backed by the knowhow and proven track record we have built since our founding, to provide solutions for adhesive-related needs in a diverse range of industries.



The potential of adhesive tapes is limitless.
We provide proposals for optimal materials, adhesives, and processing methods based on the adherends, applications, and usage environments in order to resolve customer issues.
All of our adhesive tape products undergo rigorous testing and trials before being released. We create products that fulfill niches not satisfied by any existing products.


Production System

We believe the fundamental basis for manufacturing is “providing customers with products they can use with peace of mind”. We fully dedicate ourselves to the production of each and every one of the adhesive products which we manufacture in order to ensure they solve the issues our users are struggling with.


Quality System

In order to guarantee we can provide the level of quality required by customers and to earn customer trust,  make qualified determinations based on a wide range of performance tests, use of analysis equipment, and statistical methods; and approach every project with passion and enthusiasm, working to find the root cause of issues and phenomenon through our everyday research efforts.


Ivy Brand

The stems and leaves of Ivy plants can spread and grow into any space or gap and as such this brand was given the name Ivy in the hopes that the characteristics of adhesive products, specifically the development of applications, would allow the brand to help improve productivity across a variety of industries.

Ivy Original Adhesive Products

Ivy Tape