We want to be more useful through adhesive processing technologies

Our strengths

We can provide and implement comprehensive proposals for adhesive related issues.

  1. Our capability to provide and implement comprehensive proposals for adhesive product planning, design, development, processing, and sales
  2. Our capability to provide proposals for shape changes which can not only improve quality and reduce delivery times, but also contribute to improved usability and reduced user costs
  3. Our capability to accumulate and utilize a valuable collection of data resulting from our wide range of testing equipment
  4. Our capability to flexibly accommodate customer needs through use of our global organizational framework
  5. Our capability to continuously work towards the creation of new adhesive products and the enthusiasm of all of our employees towards this creative process

Case study

We welcome opportunities for joint development.

Food is an essential part of our lives.

In recent years, global warming has resulted in the occurrence of a variety of pests which have a negative impact on the growth of various crops, a significant worry in greenhouse agriculture.

In 2015, we participated in a Cabinet Office project (SIP) aimed at helping resolve this issue. As a result of several years of joint development with Hyogo Prefecture and Hamamatsu University School of Medicine, we brought forth  and launched the ground breaking “Last Boss R Type” yellow adhesive pest control sheets.

Please share with us how you use tapes in your field.

“We want to remove the backing paper”, “We don’t want to remove the backing paper”
We created the “Chibi U processing” tape to satisfy these seemingly contradictory requirements from various fields. If you want to remove the backing paper, you can cleanly remove it all at once, but if you want the backing paper to remain, you can stop removing it part way through. These are the types of original and creative tapes we offer.

Seeing the bandages on part time workers fingers provided the inspiration for development.

A number of workers were cutting their fingers on the edges of metal foil tape. The bandages on the tips of their fingers were like a badge of honor.

But looking at this we thought, why do we even need metal foil tape? We pursued this line of investigation further and this led to the creation of our company’s original brand. A metal foil tape replacement tape which is gentle on the fingertips.  This has been one of our longtime seller products for over 10 years.

“Another complaint about foreign matter.”
A plant manager with whom we had a friendly relationship for many years was having a problem. His company had cleanroom suits newly produced, implemented checks of employee clothing, and also changed their management of employee traffic routes.
Of course they also used air showers and adhesive rollers to remove any foreign matter.

However, the process became monotonous for the employees.
Going through the air showers multiple times every day became tedious and made employees lose sight of its importance.

The “Ivy Catcher” foreign matter catching sheets, which are affixed to the inner walls of air showers, helped to renew the awareness of employees regarding the importance of the air shower process.

Making the foreign matter brought in by the employees visible not only helped educate the employees, but also helped management detect changes in the work site. Ivy Catcher has continued to help maintain quality at worksites for over 15 years since.