Company information

Company Name Daikyo Giken-Kogyo Co. Ltd.
Company Name(English) Daikyo Giken-Kogyo Co. Ltd.
Established December 17,1986
President and CEO Junpei Oyama
Board of directors Yuji Suzuki, Kiyotada Gakuhari, Tadashi Kikkawa
Corporate Auditor Tsuneo Kobayashi
Capital 50 million yen
Business description Solutions for issues with tape development, tape selection, tape punching, and adhesive usage
Main Bank MUFG Bank, Ltd. Machida Branch
Mizuho Bank, Ltd. Machida Branch
The Bank of Yokohama, Ltd. Sagami-Ono Branch
The Shoko Chukin Bank, Ltd. Yokohama West Exit Branch
Kiraboshi Bank, Ltd. Sagami-Ono Branch
Business Locations (Domestic) Head Office
DK building, 1-22-4, Sonan, Minami-ku, Sagamihara city, Kanagawa pref. Japan
TEL:(+81)42-744-8411 FAX:(+81)42-744-4880
Main office and factory
(SIP ZAMA) 920-3, Kurihara, Zama city, Kanagawa pref. Japan
TEL:(+81)46-252-9311 FAX:(+81)46-252-9322


小田急小田原線 相武台前駅下車
神奈中バス1番のりば ひばりケ丘経由南林間駅行「座間総合高校前」下車後 徒歩3分
神奈中バス1番のりば さがみ野駅北口行「北向庚申前」下車後 停歩約7分

小田急江ノ島線 南林間駅下車
神奈中バス2番のりば ひばりケ丘経由相武台前駅行「座間総合高校前」下車後徒歩3分

相模鉄道線 さがみ野駅北口下車
神奈中バス相武台前駅行「北向庚申前」下車後 徒歩7分


  • 東名高速 横浜町田ICより 40分
  • 圏央道 海老名ICより 35分
  • 圏央道 圏央厚木ICより 25分
  • 国道246号線 東原4丁目より 10分
  • 座間市役所より 8分


Matsumoto Office
Matsumoto city, Nagano pref. Japan
Okinawa Factory and R&D Center
Uruma city, Okinawa pref. Japan
Business Locations (International) Thailand
Daikyo International (Thailand) CO.,LTD.
88/35 Moo7 Bang pla, Bang Phli, Samutprakarn, Thailand 10540
TEL: (+66)2-749-2377 FAX: (+66)2-749-3930
Daikyo International Philippines, INC.
103 Quality Drive, PEZA SEPZ, Carmelray Industrial Park-1,
Canlubang, Calamba City, Laguna, Philippines.
TEL.(+63)49-549-2194/2201/2203 FAX.(+63)49-549-2187
PT Daikyo International Indonesia
Jababeka Ill, JI. Tekno 1 Blok B 2/D
Kel. Pasirgombong, Cikarang Utara, Bekasi
17530 Jawa Barat
TEL.+62 (0)- 21-2956-6068
RM 615, Chung Ang B/D, 44-21,
Seoul, 150-741, Korea.

Business policy

Business Policy

The potential of adhesive tapes is limitless. We can provide and implement comprehensive proposals for adhesive related issues.

Company presidents greeting

Since its founding in 1986, Daikyo Giken-Kogyo Co., Ltd. has endeavored to improve customer satisfaction through the provision of adhesive products to satisfy the ever-diversifying customer needs resulting from changes in social environments. In addition, we also carry out development and sales of our company’s original Ivy brand adhesive products to satisfy pest control needs, clean environment maintenance and management needs, and other needs through continual improvements in our adhesive product development and production systems and through collaboration with business partners. Going forward the Daikyo Group will work as an integrated whole to continue to strive to not only provide customer satisfaction in quality, cost, and delivery times, but to also provide products, technologies, and services that impress customers. Now and in the future we will continue to always place our business’ social responsibility at the forefront, and work to contribute to social development as a business which works to help build a more affluent society through manufacturing in collaboration with our customers and stakeholders.

President and CEO Junpei Oyama

Management Philosophy

Our goal is to create an affluence in business through adhesive products by fulfilling our mission to be a total solutions partner for adhesive products.

Company Creed

To contribute to social development as a business which works to help build a more affluent society through manufacturing in collaboration with our customers and stakeholders.

DNA of a Daikyo Person (10 principles of Daikyo person)

Always customer first

  1. To always think and execute according to the customer’s perspective
  2. To build a relationship of trust with customer’s through humility and sincerity
  3. To provide solutions without forgetting the GIVE-GIVE-GIVE & TAKE principle

Innovation in mind

  1. To create products, services, & technologies that create value

Keep going (PDCA)

  1. To use PDCA Cycle to achieve our goals without compromise

You are Daikyo

  1. To face challenges without fear & uplift the company & ourselves through our products & services

One Team. One Family. One Daikyo.

  1. To participate in discussions with a true intention of achieving the goals
  2. To not be limited with denials and words, but to execute with initiative
  3. To always have an interest in obtaining and sharing new information
  4. To have an interest in people’s dreams & goals and be able to support its achievement

Concepts in Our Logo

~Daikyo Quality Mind~
All of the companies of the Daikyo Giken-Kogyo Group pursue a policy of “0 complaints and 0 defects” through DQM (Daikyo Quality Mind) activities.
~Ivy Brand~
Our company’s original brand is named “Ivy”. Just as the ivy plant can find its way into small spaces, we strive to be great partners for our customers by working together to fulfill ever-changing customer needs.


CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility)

– At the forefront of promotion of business activities which are not a burden on society –

Businesses provide people with useful products and services, as well as opportunities for employment. However, businesses also place a certain burden on society. The manufacturing industry in particular is closely related to a variety of environmental and social issues such as waste and emissions from production, and heavy consumption of resources and energy. We at Daikyo Giken-Kogyo Co., Ltd. and the Daikyo Group believe that “the very existence of a business places a certain burden on society” and as such we promote activities which lessen the business’ burden on society while simultaneously working to contribute to society through manufacturing and creation.


Our company received ISO9001 international quality management system standard certification in April of 1999, and ISO14001 international business environmental management systems standard certification in November of 2000. Going forward, we will continue to strive to ensure customers are satisfied with quality and also earnestly engage with global environment related activities.


Examples of activities for local communities

Workplace experience / Occupational lectures

Over 10 years ago our company began promoting activities as destination for local middle school students to participate in workplace experience programs, and continues to convey the significance and purpose of work through manufacturing, and to help students discover new things about themselves and that they can help create the future. We have also received numerous requests for occupational lectures in recent years, and believe that conveying the enjoyment of working to the children who will build the future is one important social responsibility of a company.

Manufacturing experience

We hold a “sand art” workshop as local events in Zama to allow participates to have first-hand experiences with adhesives. It is always surprising to see the unconventional ideas and production methods which the children come up with. Going forward we plan to proactively hold the workshops more often to provide a place for local children to come and experience the joy of production and manufacturing for themselves.

Futsal networking events

Our company holds futsal networking events for our clients and people from local businesses. This often involves inviting people from a wide range of different industries and fields, to enjoy the sport of futsal while also making new connections and serving as a place for people to meet. Come and experience the Japanese hospitality that is one of our company’s specialties.

Employment of people with disabilities

Our company has proactively employed people with disabilities for over 20 years, and all of our employees now consider employment of people with disabilities as the normal and proper thing and nothing special or out of the ordinary through our connections with local social welfare organizations, with our motto being “we as individuals and the company will all do what we are able”. We also strive to promote employment of people with disabilities by providing case examples and other information when requested by small and medium-sized businesses.

SDGs activities

“I will do whatever I can for people and for the global environment”

We promote improvement of a variety of poverty issues, health issues, and environmental issues through the use of our company’s high performance adhesive pest control sheets to reduce the use of agricultural chemicals and in turn reduce the amount of harvest lost at production stages.
Our company’s female management ratio is 30% (as of 2021), and the ratio of female employees at our production sites is over 70% (as of 2021). Going forward we will continue to conduct business in a manner that allows all of our employees to fully enjoy their lives, both professional and private, with no gender discrimination whatsoever.
We believe that job satisfaction means having a sense of accomplishment from work, and as such we continuously strive to be a company which provides all of our employees with opportunities to be challenged and succeed in order to be a business which continually contributes back to society.
Our company carries out proactive employment of people with disabilities. We also carry out activities aimed at helping to improve the rates of employment for people with disabilities by providing case examples from our company to management at numerous small and medium sized businesses.
Our company continuously strives to not only provide quality products, but also to protect the global environment through both internal measures such as reduction of waste generation resulting from defective products and waste from portions and materials disposed of during processing, as well as through collaboration with the users of our products.
The entire Daikyo Group earnestly works towards tackling issues by continuously aiming towards sustainable development through the holding of global meetings and working together.

Overseas base


Daikyo International Thailand(DITH)
88/35 Moo7 Bang pla, Bang Phli, Samutprakarn, Thailand 10540


Daikyo International Philippine(DIPI)
#103 Quality Drive, PEZA SEPZ, Carmelray Industrial Park 1,Canlubang, Calamba City, Laguna


PT. Daikyo International Indonesia(DII)
Jababeka Ill, JI. Tekno 1 Blok B 2/D
Kel. Pasirgombong, Cikarang Utara, Bekasi
17530 Jawa Barat
TEL.+62 (0)- 21-2956-6068
スカルノ・ハッタ国際空港→高速道路(ジャカルタ インナーリングロード2線)→約38kmでジャカルタ市内→ジャカルタ チカンペック1線直進→チカンペック、カラワン方向へ→ベカシ市を適過、27km地点のチカランバラット(レムハバン)出口→通過後分岐を左側→15kmで新しくできた左出口へ(ジャバベカゴルフ場方向)→信号から直進5km→日系企業(花王、日清など)も多いジャパペカ工業団地内→信号から5km突き当りを右折→500mほど進んだ2つ目の道を左折→直進1km突き当りを右折しlOMで左折→突き当り左手にDll